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I have a large amount of friend’s who are young mothers and/0r had their children in their teens. In fact it is not rare anymore, and the young mothers are starting to out number the rest of us!

So this brings me to ak the question- Is this now the norm?

With Britain now having the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe, something is clearly not right. Now call me old fashioned, but I would rather have a child when I am settled into a stable career and preferably married. However girls now think that it is perfectly fine to do it by themselves. There is no denying that most young mothers are also single mothers, because society has allowed it to become acceptable. Young girls are now coming straight out of school and into motherhood whilst living comfortably in a flat provided to them by the government.

I have even heard of girls getting pregnant just so they can secure their own house! It isn’t right at all, and teenagers are not getting educated well enough about the problems they may face if they want to have a baby at a young age. It is almost like they are being sold a dream of independency so they are willing to do anything to get out from under their mum’s roof.

Don’t get me wrong, the young mothers I know are all fantastic mothers to their children, however they have all faced their problems and issues of having a child too young. Many of them found it harder to get back into education, so didn’t bother with qualifications at all. Is this what we are teaching the teenage generation of today? That you can still have a comfortable life without achieveing any grades?

It is really sad that we live in one of the most influential countries in the world and are not even able to control our rates of contraception. But I do believe all education starts at home, and if you’re mother is allowing you to get pregnant under her roof then what can I say apart from SMH (Shake My Head for those of you not up to date the lingo).

Schools also appear to be slacking on the Sex Education classes. I was recently watching the Sex Education Show on Channel 4 and was shockd at the amount of teenagers that didn’t know basic facts about unprotected sex. If we do not teach our kids who will?

Sadly it seems that we are reverting to the old days when Mums were having babies and getting married and 17. However, the marriage bit isn’t even important anymore, and this country really is becoming the face of teenage pregnancy.

Chipmunk recently held a launch party for his album ‘Transition’, and to help him celebrate, someone else managed to slip a bracelet off his wrist whilst he was dancing.

Now, before you all start questioning why I am blogging about a bracelet, let me tell you that this piece of jewellery was worth £20,000. Chipmunk responded on his twitter that the bracelet was taken without his knowledge, but it didn’t matter because he would be going out to buy a new one the very same day. That is all well and good, because Chippy does have the money to just replace it but damn, that had to have hurt his pride! Robbed at his OWN event?!  All I can say is ouch.

I don’t care how rich you are, certain things just can’t go under your radar. If that was me I would have shut down the whole party and demand security and possibly police got involved to retrieve the bracelet!  But I guess that’s up to Chipmunk how he wants to handle his finances.

But what I found hilarious was the response to the incident on Twitter. He may be a fool for owning a bracelet of such a price, but the thing is, HE CAN AFFORD TO. So people talking about his finances as if to say they are his accountant just shows how silly some people can be.

I would like to know why Chippy’s security weren’t tighter and more importantly how his friends allowed a stranger to dance that close to him, but some answers will probably remain unsolved. Chipmunk has a brand new £20,000 bracelet now, so I’m guessing it’s smiles all around!

I was watching the Tyra Banks show recently and was flabbergasted to see an episode about dark skin women that bleach their skin in an attempt to be lighter and ‘prettier’. The show was truly shocking and one of the dark skin women on the panel even admitted to bleaching her young sons as well.

If you have not seen it yet, check out the link:

It truly saddens me to know that some dark skinned women resort to bleaching their skin with harmful substances just to try and be lighter. Since when did the rules of the land state that you can only be a pretty black female if you are light skinned?

To me, this is a completely IGNORANT way of thinking! I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The women on the Tyra Bank’s show clearly lacked self confidence and were insecure about their appearance. If you are happy and accept yourself for who you are, you will not look at a light skin woman and say that you HAVE to be like her in order to progress and be happy in life.

But the truth is society is partly to blame or putting lighter skinned black females up on a pedestal. The Beyonce Knowles and Halle Berrys of this world cannot be doing much to boost a darker females confidence?

However, there are plenty of successful dark skinned females- why not aspire to be like Naomi Campbell? Alek Wek? Kelly Rowland? These are all beautiful dark skin women who have showed that they are proud to be their colour!

I’m pretty sure that the women that bleach or have thought about it worked on their inner issues first and were happy for who they are, then they wouldn’t feel this way. One of the reasons the women gave for wanting to be lighter was to get more attention from men. Why would you want to be with the kind of guy that will not love you for who you are?

I think that the whole thing is just ridiculous and people that sit there and debate whether light skin is better than dark skin are completely ignorant. Beauty has no colour, size or shape and you should be happy with how God made you 🙂

Get f****d from the back screaming la la la. I ****d 6 man on the camera. Don’t give a f**k my mum knows why you telling her?”  Those are the first few lines of OG Niki’s freestyle. Like many of you, I had to rewind the video and listen again to make sure that I was hearing correctly.

Now before you say that I am being naiive,I know that this goes on in real life- but the fact that this girl claims to have had sex with 6 males on camera AND be proud enough to tell the world is a completely different story. At the tender age of 17, OG Niki has managed to secure thousands of hits on her youtube video and became  a phonemenon overnight. The link is below for those who haven’t seen it yet:

BUT what gets to me is the fact that this girl has become famous for sleeping around and BRAGGING about it. I was hoping that this was a big wind up, but OG Niki stated on her twitter that she raps nothing but the truth. If this is the truth, then her mother should lock her up in the house and never let her surface again. Not only is she an embarrassment, she is degrading the female species as a whole. The worst thing is, OG Niki is not even a bad rapper! So why not use these talents to rap about something  bit more positive instead of boasting about your overactive sex life? It is a real shame, because I have heard 14 year old girls playing OG Niki’s song on their mobile phones and singing along to her disgusting lyrics. Is this what the younger generation of today are being taught by people in the public eye?  If this is now what it takes to be famous then I NEVER want to get there.

I really just hope OG Niki would crawl back under the rock from which she sprouted because no doubt there will be hundreds of females trying to follow her league and become famous for their sexual conquests. What a shame.

So as we all know, the Student Loan has dropped. As students from across the nation smile and rejoice and check their online banking, I can’t help but breathe a heavy sigh. Because I know what this means- students will be blowing money fast as if they are the soundtrack to a Rick Ross album.

What irritates me about this is that students are willing to go broke just for the sake of splashing their loan on a few designer goodies or a new bag or car. Now forgive me if I’m wrong, but last time I checked, the Student Loan was supposed to go towards rent for university accomodation, books and more importantly food so that you can survive the semester.

However students seem to be splashing out recklessly and not even bothering about making sure that they have money for the essentials! I have seen a few females spend their entire loan AND overdraft on Louis Vuitton Bags and later ask me for money to top up their oyster card. I’ve seen other student’s resort to eating one meal a day just so they can secure a Gucci outfit. In the worst case I have come across, a guy got kicked out of his university accomodation for not paying rent- but his dorm was filled with dozens of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and True Religion garments and a 50 inch plasma!!!

YES, students are trying to live a lifestyle out of their tax bracket, trying to make it LOOK like they have money to impress others. It saddens me that they are willing to sidestep things that they need to secure the latest £400 garment. There is no food in your dorms yet you are out popping bottles of champagne at student raves? Does this even make sense?

Until you’re money is RIGHT, and you can afford to spend silly amounts of money on clothing and material goods then so be it! But if you are living on a student wage yet trying to live the P Diddy lifestyle, just give it a rest. Do you not have textbooks you need to be buying instead of the latest Gucci belt? Think about it carefully, because one day you will have to pay back all these loans and it really isn’t worth being in debt over an LV scarf.

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